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Windshield Crack Repair

Cracks impair your vision and structurally compromise your safety while driving. Don’t worry though, ClearSite Windshield offers quick, on-site windshield repairs!

ClearSite Windshield’s Patented Technology

  • Restores structural integrity to the windshield
  • Improves your driving vision

Windshield Damage Is Unexpected
On your daily commute, highway driving, following heavy trucks and semi-trailers, no matter how the crack occurs, it should be considered a safety hazard. With our mobile replacement service, we come to your home or workplace to repair your windshield, on your schedule!

It is very important to repair windshields as soon as you see the cracks. Cracks may spread every day as dirt accumulates in the crack. Windshields with cracks over 36 inches or are over 3 months old will probably need to be replaced.

Watch out for drastic temperature changes as they are the prime reason chips turn into cracks. Go easy on the defrosters in the winter and be careful when washing a hot windshield in the summer.

ClearSite Windshield repairs chips and cracks right away before the damage spreads. Count on prompt courteous service the same day, in most cases.

Give us a call today before your windshield damage spreads! We offer evening & weekend appointments, too!

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